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  1. Thermaltake Core V71TG

    PKR 20,000.00

    Thermaltake Core V71TG Full-Tower ATX

    Learn More
  2. Thermaltake Core P90TG

    PKR 20,000.00

    Thermaltake Core P90TG Mid-Tower ATX

    Learn More
  3. Thermaltake Chasser Urban S71

    PKR 16,500.00

    Thermaltake Chasser Urban S71 Full-Tower ATX

    Learn More
  4. Thermaltake Core P1TG

    PKR 13,000.00

    Thermaltake Core P1TG Mini ITX

    Learn More
  5. Thermaltake View 31

    PKR 12,000.00

    Thermaltake View 31 Mid-Tower ATX

    Learn More
  6. Thermaltake Versa C23 RGB

    PKR 10,500.00
    Thermaltake Versa C23 RGB Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  7. Thermaltake View 21TG

    PKR 8,800.00

    Thermaltake View 21TG Mid-Tower ATX

    Learn More
  8. New
    Thermaltake Chasser A31

    Thermaltake Chasser A31

    PKR 9,600.00
    Thermaltake Chasser A31 Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  9. Thermaltake Versa C22 RGB Snow

    PKR 8,400.00
    Thermaltake Versa C22 RGB Snow Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  10. Thermaltake Commander G42

    PKR 8,500.00
    Thermaltake Commander G42 Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  11. Thermaltake View 28

    PKR 8,800.00
    Thermaltake View 28 Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  12. Thermaltake View 27

    PKR 7,800.00
    Thermaltake View 27 Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  13. Thermaltake V3

    PKR 7,300.00
    Thermaltake V3 Mid-Tower ATX with 450W PSU Learn More
  14. Thermaltake Versa N26

    PKR 6,000.00
    Thermaltake Versa N26 Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  15. Thermaltake Versa N25

    PKR 6,000.00
    Thermaltake Versa N25 Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  16. Thermaltake Versa N21

    PKR 6,200.00
    Thermaltake Versa N21 Mid-Tower ATX Learn More
  17. Thermaltake V3

    PKR 5,300.00
    Thermaltake V3 Mid-Tower ATX with 350W PSU Learn More

17 Items

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